The Story of Storied

Greg Owsley started The Storied Brand in 2011 pretty much on a self-dare: Sure, his unorthodox brand strategy approach led to 15 years of double-digit growth at New Belgium, but would it sink or swim beyond New Belgium? 52 clients later in coffee, sausage, pretzels, state politics, international sustainability, microbial inoculant, bird conservation, fly fishing & hunting outfitting, organic lawn care, sunglasses, instant phone chargers, kombucha, tequila, whiskey, and of course beer, the strategies of Storied have raised the buoyancy of brands well beyond New Belgium. Unsurprisingly, the learnings from each one of these complex brand challenges has improved upon the original brand strategy many times over.

 Now, Greg is joined in his quest to help brands punch above their weight by Meredith Giske, Zola Owsley, and Ande Eich. Meredith brings a solid one-two deftness: At New Belgium, she led not just consumer research but also was a brand director and head of national field marketing. Here at Storied, she unlocks strategy-setting insights by immersing herself in the culture of the brand’s consumers and then, deploying her seasoned marketing experience, crafts measurably impactful growth recommendations.

Zola joins Storied motivated by her greatest fear: becoming Tommy Boy. After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design, she was hired by TDA_Boulder and promptly helped them earn Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year. At Storied, she creatively assist brands in growing the deepest roots, ripest fruits, and the richest Corinthian leathers.

At SCAD, Zola met her creative partner, Ande Eich. While at TDA_Boulder, Ande and Zola concepted and created stereotype-disrupting-creative for brands like Copper Mountain, FirstBank, Hapa Sushi, Ascent Protein, Justin’s Nut Butter, and Howdy Beer. Ande joins The Storied Brand as a talented, gritty, and conceptually unique Designer and Art Director.